Guangzhou, China - 2019 Jan 31

Tons to see and do in Guangzhou, China ... 4 days was not enough, luckily we only live two hours away.

Phuket, Thailand - 2018 Oct 18

I met Olga in Bangkok on Oct 12 and the next day we flew to Phuket. We stayed at five beaches on Phuket from October 13th to 22nd: Nai Yang Beach, Patong Beach, Surin Beach, Karon & Kata Beach. Karon was our favorite.

Macau - 2018 Aug 19

My Chinese visa requires me to leave the country every 60 days. The best thing about living in Zhuhai is I can simply walk across the border to Macau for a new passport stamp. So we made a day of it by walking to the historic Guia Lighthouse of Macau.