Dec 16, 2014

Bangkok - 2014 Dec 16

Booked a flight to USA late last night that left Bangkok early this morning at 1:40 AM.

2014 S.E. Asian Tour Complete!

Total travel time was 112 days.
Visited 16 cities in 7 countries.
Total cost $10,126 USD.

Dec 15, 2014

Bangkok - 2014 Dec 15

Up at 10 AM, browsed my flight options on Skyscanner (From: BKK To: Everywhere). Decided to take bus back to Bangkok, and maybe being at the main hub will help make up my mind.

Packed, checked out of hotel, and over to Pizza Hut for lunch. Then to Eden for one last foot massage.

Stopped by Soi 6 for a quick walk-thru, 24/7 super crazy action on this street - tempted me to stay one more night.

On the bus to Ekkamai BTS at 4 PM. Booked a room at Royal Asia Express ($30) for one night.

Dec 14, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Dec 14

Up early this morning - 11 AM - for breakfast at Sailors Inn ($4).

Very windy on the beach today, making the water whitecap. Temperature is 81°, feels like 83°.

Signed up for health insurance on I was eligible for a $55 per month discount, because I'm not expecting much income for 2015. So the bronze level ($6,000 deductable) costs me $152 per month. Also got dental insurance for $16 per month, with $40 deductable.

Ate the Sizzler salad bar with my friend Pin at 3 PM. Then to Eden for an hour foot massage.

Dec 13, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Dec 13

Back to my old Pattaya routine: up at noon for lunch, walk down the beach, 1-hr massage, nap, snack, 2-hr massage, dinner, out for drinks and entertainment.

Dec 12, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Dec 12

The original planned holiday - meeting Pat in Thailand for ten days - has come to an end.

Pat is on his journey back to Manchester, and I've made my way back to Pattaya.

I'm not sure what I'll do next; stay here for a while, go to Australia, or visit home for the holidays...

Dec 11, 2014

Samui - 2014 Dec 11

We went scuba diving today ($90). My first open water dive. Up early to catch the boat, back by mid-afternoon.

Visibility was limited. Max depth was 60 feet. Two tank dive. Saw a couple of turtles and alot of fish, no sharks. May go again tomorrow to a different site.

Nap time.

Dec 10, 2014

Samui - 2014 Dec 10

Up at noon for the Ark Bar breakfast. We decided to rent scooters for the day and drive around Samui.

Made several stops along the way for food, drinks, and sightseeing.
Back to the hotel by 7:30 PM. It's alot of work driving a scooter all day.

Pat turned 39 today, so will have to buy him a shot tonight.

Dec 9, 2014

Samui - 2014 Dec 9

Spent a full day lounging by the pool. Ate a hamburger and fries, and drank several Chang Beers.

A very high tide has taken up most of the beach, so not as many people laying out as my last visit.
Walked down the beach to find the dog I use to see, but he wasn't around today, probably goes somewhere else when the tide is this high.

Big rain storm rolled in at 3 PM for thirty minutes or so.

Back to the hotel room at 5:30 PM for a nap.

Dec 8, 2014

Samui - 2014 Dec 8

My alarm chimmed way to early; struggled to wake up; packed and checked out at 7 AM.

Walked to Nana BTS and caught the sky train for the 40 minute ride to BKK airport ($2.50).

Our plane left BKK at 9:15 AM and arrived at Krabi Int'l Airport at 10:30 AM. We booked this flight about 6 months ago expecting to go to Phi Phi Island or we would have flown directly to Samui.

Bought a bus/ferry package to Samui for $23. After a long day of traveling we checked into Ark Bar, and hit the pool at 6:30 PM.

Glad to be back.

Dec 7, 2014

Bangkok - 2014 Dec 7

We all jumped in a cab last night to Khao San Road, famous backpacker hub of the universe.

Up this morning to see Nick and Rob off, they're headed back to Singapore.

Pat and I ate Sunrise Tacos again for lunch, I have to eat chips and salsa every day now it seems.

We went and visited a couple from Huntsville that live here six months out of the year, Lloyd and Won Swan. Chatted with them an hour and checked out their swimming pool.

Did an hour foot massage.

Back to Soi 4 for drinks and people watching at 7 PM.

Looking forward to being back in Samui tomorrow afternoon!

Dec 6, 2014

Bangkok - 2014 Dec 6

Rough night sleeping after several vodka redbulls. Fun time though.

Up at noon, Pat and I ate Mexican at Sunrise Tacos for lunch. Then hit Terminal 21 for Pat a new set of flip-flops.

Met up with Rob and Nick at 7 PM at their hotel, JW Marriot. Piggy backed on their free food and drink buffet.

Discussed going to Khao San Road tonight since I haven't seen that area yet.

Dec 5, 2014

Bangkok - 2014 Dec 5

Took the ol' familiar route back to Bangkok today. There was a young couple from Bangladesh looking very lost, the husband ask me several questions about where to go, I was able to help them thru the BTS and to a suitable hotel.

Checked into my hotel, Royal Asia Lodge, just as Patrick was walking in the lobby - perfect timing. Grabbed lunch and a couple of beers, waited for Nick and Rob to arrive from Singapore at 8 PM.

Dec 4, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Dec 4

Up at noon and out to a rainy day. Crossed the street to 7-11, banana bread and OJ for brunch ($1).

Strolled down the beach for a bit deciding what to do today. Remembered I wanted to see the movie Exodus ($5), so headed to Central Festival Center at 2 PM.

Ate McDonald's garden salad and chicken strip for lunch ($5).

Out of the cinema at six. Rained big time while I watched the movie, and the beach road was flooded.

Waded down to Soi 7 for a Mexican dinner at Tequila Reef Cantina ($10).

Dec 3, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Dec 3

Pretty lazy day, mainly watched tv and read.

Walked to the mall, Central Festival Center, at 1:30 PM for lunch, ate at a Japanese steak house ($7).

Walked by the theatre to check on movie times, decided to wait and see Exodus, starts tomorrow.

Ate pizza again for dinner at Pizza Hut ($10).

Dec 2, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Dec 2

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Araya, owner of Leo Hotel, thought I'd had enought and knocked on my door at 2:30 PM to make sure I was alive, I think.

Ate Pizza Hut's supreme pizza for lunch ($8).

Put on my swim shorts and found 110,000 Indonesian Rupiah. Went to ten different currency exchanges before I could find someone to convert to Thai Baht (about $8).

Went to my favorite massage shop in SE Asia, Eden Massage, got a two-hour oil massage. I stubbed and scrapped my toe pretty bad a few days ago, so have to wait for it to heal before my usual foot rub.

I need to help Pin, Eden Massage owner, setup a website too.

Been thinking about my route back to US after Patrick leaves on December 13th. I'm still leaning towards an eastward journey:
Pattaya or Bangkok
Manila, Philippines
Darwin, Australia
Cairns, Australia (swim Great Barrier Reef, and with Great White Sharks)
Sydney, Australia
Aukland, New Zealand
Los Angeles

Still a loooong way to go...

Dec 1, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Dec 1

November Expenses:
$445 Food
$633 Hotels
$569 Transportation
$578 Miscellaneous
$2,225 Total Expenses

Up at 8 AM, said goodbye to Tuba as she left to catch her flight to Istanbul.

I slept a few more hours then caught the bus to Pattaya.

Stopped by Language School and talked to Narong for a bit, then checked back into Leo Hotel. I'll probably stay here until Friday morning, then meet Patrick and Nick in Bangkok.

Walked on the beach for an hour of exercise at 3 PM.

Nov 30, 2014

Bangkok - 2014 Nov 30

Woke up early this morning to follow the Iron Bowl updates and highlights on ESPN Gamecast.

Took the BTS to the MBK mall at noon for lunch at The Pizza Company.

Revisited the Buddhist temple, Wat Pathum Wanaram, with Tuba for photo ops.