Aug 31, 2014

Bangkok - 2014 Aug 31

Up early for breakfast, packed up, checked out, and trekking west on Sukhumvit Rd. Walked a mile and came to the Erawan Four Face Buddha. 
Another mile and visited the Buddhist Temple, Wat Pathum Wanaram.
Tired of walking, so I took a tuk tuk three miles further west to the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple. Tuk tuk rides are my new favorite pastime.
Next I walked a few hundred yards to the Chao Phraya River, paid 3 baht for a ferry crossing, to the Buddhist Temple, Wat Rakhang Khositaram.
Around noon, the sun was getting a bit hot, so I ferried back across the river, and tuk tukked back to the hotel I'd stayed at the night before. In bed at 2 PM, woke up at 10 PM for my first solid 8 hours of sleep in forever!

Late night walk thru the bustling markets, found a grocery store with a locals restaurant in it - very good prices. I had chicken curry "Indian style" for 84 b ($2.71). Passed by a smoothy vendor on the way back, had a delicious strawberry, banana, mango mixture.

Aug 30, 2014

Bangkok - 2014 Aug 30

Up at 10 AM, down to hotel complimentary breakfast buffet,  had two full plates of eggs, sausage, bacon, and a cup of hot tea. Still felt tired, so back to bed for two more hours of sleep.

Up again at 12 PM, needed to find a room for less than $25 per night to stay within budget. Packed up my backpack, and checked out of the Nana Hotel. Walked south on Soi 4, inquiring at two hotels: first one was completely booked, and the second I booked for $36. Much nicer than the Nana where I paid $50, and now I have free WIFI.

Checked in and went back to bed.

At 8 PM my stomach was growling, so I walked down the road, browsing menu's, and decided on chicken curry and rice, at a restaurant called the Bus Stop. Ate, paid 120 b, and went exploring the maze of narrow alleys, filled with exotic vendors and people.

Back to bed at 10 PM, feeling happy that I was traveling.

Aug 29, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand - 2014 Aug 29

6.5 hour flight from Qatar to Bangkok, had a nice chat with the guy sitting next to me.  He's a pilot from Cyprus, has been coming to Thailand for the last ten years, and is staying in Pattaya for two weeks this trip.

Like a rat in a maze - out of plane; long walk to immigration; get passport stamps; exchanged $200 for Baht; long walk to Airport Rail Link; figured out how to buy a token; figured out what to do with that token and where to get on train; ride 30 minutes to Makassan Station; locate Asok Road and walk to it; try not to get killed by the ten million scooters; walk 1 mile to Sukumvit Road; walk half mile to Soi 4; figured out how to get a phone plan; booked a room for the night - power nap!!!

I haven't really slept in 30+ hours, feel wired, senses are overloaded. First thoughts are this places is INSANE; feels incredible just being in the mix of it.


Around 2 PM, I meet up with Ragan, a friend from high school, who's been living here in Bangkok for four years. She took me to the shopping district and the very big MBK Mall. One, 30,000 S.F., floor of this mall is nothing but cell phones and their accessories.

After getting lost several times we made our way to a Thai restaurant; nice place and pretty spicy. Then we treated ourselves to an hour long foot massage. Ragan had to get back home, so I went back to the hotel for a two hour nap.

Woke up at 8 PM, and headed to Nana Plaza. The streets where already packed. I stopped in at several bars, ordered several beers, and just sat there, watching the chaos unfold.

A couple hours later I jumped in the back of a Tuk Tuk and headed to Soi Cowboy to see what all the fuss was about.

After a few more beers, I walked the mile back to my hotel,  stopping at a McDonald's along the way, just to feel normal. Worn out from the last two days of traveling,  I laid in bed listening to the carnival outside ramble on until 5 AM.