Sep 30, 2014

Samui - 2014 Sep 30

Went to Green Mango from 1 AM to 3 AM, nice crowd.
Split a slice of pizza with Mr. Chaweng on the way home (my mom insists I name and feed the dog).
Up at ten for breakfast at the resort.
Then snorkeled the reefs off the beach for an hour at eleven. I tried using the wax ear plugs, but they only worked for ten minutes, so I'll just have to limit my water activities if my ears start to bother me again.
Olga sent me a few pictures from her fitness class last night.
Hung out at Ark Bar pool from three to seven.

Dinner at The Islander Pub at ten - chicken fried rice, coke, chocolate milk shake, and a Mojito ($10).

Sep 29, 2014

Samui - 2014 Sep 29

Too many Chang beers yesterday, took Advil for a slight headache this morning. Breakfast pancake at ten, then fell asleep under a beach umbrella till noon.
Booked two more nights at P&P. That puts September's total lodging expense at $640.
Took a taxi-truck ($3) to Big C Supercenter, bought groceries, then a scooter-taxi back ($3).
Emailed with Olga today, she is back in the office.
Ran into Clovis at Ark Bar, we drank champaign with the guys from Dubai...on my count they poured about $200 worth on each others heads.

Sep 28, 2014

Samui - 2014 Sep 28

Breakfast pancake at ten. Swapped travel stories with Brian from UK till noon, his vacation is about up, and heads back Tuesday.

Heavy rain at 1:30. Panang chicken curry for lunch. Moved to a different hotel room, with a better patio.

Moseyed over to Ark Bar...finally met another American after 33 days, a guy named Clovis from California, here for a few weeks between jobs.

We had a good time chatting with some Australian's and Israelian's.

Sep 27, 2014

Samui - 2014 Sep 27

Up at six to walk Olga to her waiting mini-bus and say our sad goodbyes.

Booked two more nights at P&P Samui Resort ($51). Notified them that my shower drain is clogged.

At ten, went to resort restaurant for breakfast: eggs, ham, and toast ($4).

Brief rain at 10:30.

Napped until noon, then up for lunch at Mambo Club ($5), half hour foot massage ($3), and 7-11 for brownie and coke ($1).

Did a sink full of laundry.

Mopped around the beach rest of the day.

Hadn't seen my dog in a while, and he showed up at a good time; hung out with him until he fell asleep.

Sep 26, 2014

Angthong Marine National Park - 2014 Sep 26

Up at seven. In mini-bus at 7:30. Several stops to pick up other excursioners. Breakfast included in package - OJ, toast, and coffee.

In speed boat for an hour to first stop. Snorkeling 9:30 to 10:30. Best reefs I've seen so far in Thailand.
Then to a view point for 45 minutes. Very steep set of stairs.
Next we spent and hour and a half at a private beach for lunch and swimming.
The last part of the excursion, we kayaked to the next cove and thru several small caves. One cave was very low, and we had to lay down flat on the kayak to exit.
Back to hotel at 4 PM. Then out to dinner. Sadly, Olga purchased her ferry ticket to the mainland, and her journey back to Moscow starts at six tomorrow morning.

Sep 25, 2014

Samui Immigration Office - 2014 Sep 25

My 30 day Thailand Visa exemption expires on Saturday, September 27, 2014, so I needed to go to the local Koh Samui Immigration office today for a 30 day extention (1,900 baht / $61).

Up at eight, to 7-11 for OJ and banana bread, then an hour ride to the Nathon pier, and a ten minute scooter taxi ride to the immigration office, 1.3 miles from the pier.
I gave her my passport, money, one passport photo, and the provided application form. She gave me a ticket number and said to come back in one hour. Went to 7-11 for a snack and skype called my dad. Picked up my passport an hour later, and now I can stay in Thailand until October 27, 2014.

Back to the hotel by one for lunch, pool, nap, beach food, and happy-hour mojito's ($6).

Later in the night we ate dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant, La Taverna ($26). I was surprised they let me in wearing my new Singha tank-top.
For tomorrow, Olga's last day in Thailand, we bought tickets ($52) for an all day excursion to Angthong National Marine Park.

Sep 24, 2014

Koh Samui - 2014 Sep 24

I hated the thought of leaving this island paradise, and laid there listening to a rooster crow for half an hour before finally dragging myself out of a cosy bed.

Breakfast at eight, safari-truck ride back to pier, two hour catamaran ride back to Samui ($20), and a twenty minute mini-bus ride back to P&P Resort ($5) where I booked three nights for $75.

We went browsing the central shopping complex around two, and Olga bought $10 worth of fruit I've never seen before.

Later that night someone decided to have dress-up night, so I had to buy a new shirt to fit the occasion.

Sep 23, 2014

Koh Nangyuan - 2014 Sep 23

Late start on the day, sleeping until noon; we walked down the narrow streets looking for breakfast food, finally settling on the very busy Breakfast Time Café. They had a TV, and I watched a few minutes for the first time in 28 days.
At two, we caught a long-tail boat to the storybook island of Koh Nangyuan. This must have been the inspiration for J.M. Barrie's, Peter Pan.
We snorkeled the crystal clear water, climbed the island peaks, and played with the local dog.
Back to Koh Tao for dinner, we decided to only eat street food. Olga had a mango fruit shake and two pancakes; the first was tomato, cheese, egg, and tuna; the second was banana, and peanuts. I had a chicken kabob, a hotdog, and pork on a stick. Total cost, including water and a Coke Zero, $10.

Sep 22, 2014

Koh Tao - 2014 Sep 22

Up at nine to pack and eat breakfast. Then a 30 minute mini-bus ride from hotel to the pier at the North end of Samui. Perfect weather for the two hour cruise to Koh Tao.
Off the boat, five minute safari-truck ride to Sairee Beach, and checked into our cottage by the sea ($43).
After a quick shower, walked down the beach and found the coolest restaurant yet, Rim Lae.