Sep 7, 2014

Ko Phi Phi Don - 2014 Sep 7

Listened to the beach party roll on until 1:30 AM. Around five, I got cold and had to close my windows; I think the trade-wind funnels directly into my room.

Up at seven, skype video called my dad, then skype video called my mom and Danny...took them on a skype tour of the city.

Ate a big American breakfast: two scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, toast, orange juice, and hot tea.

Walked (no cars on this island, only bicycles) to the main pier, to board an all-day boat tour that stops at all the popular beaches. I could tell from my room that the ocean was rough, so I ask the guy how rough, and he said "big wave big wave." I hate being sea sick, so will do that excursion another day.
Back to my hotel room, and booked a second night at The Rock Backpacker. Talked to two cute Austrailian girls, who were checking-out, and they said to definetly attend the beach fire party tonight.

Heavy rain and strong wind from 12 to 1 PM, then chicken fried rice for a late lunch, and more beach combing at low tide.