Sep 18, 2014

Koh Phangan - 2014 Sep 18

Rested from a good night's sleep, out of bed at ten, packed my bag and started the journey to the island just north of here, Koh Phangan.

Strange how the mood to stay put or travel comes and goes. At least I've got my packing time down to less than five minutes.

Out to the main street, ATM visit (another 10,000 baht), hopped into the back of a taxi-truck for the forty-five minute ride across the island to Nathon Pier (100 baht).At the pier at noon, but the ferry didn't leave until 1:30, so I had time to eat Panang Chicken Curry and a Coke Zero at this place.They make a mean batch of curry, so I immediately started looking for a toilet, and found this!
Not quite sure how I was suppose to tidy up, I decided to take my chances on the ferry crossing.Purchased a ticket (300 baht), for the 45 minute, high-speed, catamaran, ferry boat ride to Koh Phangan's Thong Sala Pier.

Recommended by Zane Brown, from Huntsville, Alabama, I booked a room at, @ Beach Bed and Bar ($6). It's a beach hostel, where I share a room with other people, but we have A/C and hot water. This is the place to be for the legendary full-moon party, I missed it by a week...there's always next month.
Burger, fries, and a Singha beer for dinner at the resort restaurant.