Sep 10, 2014

Phi Phi - 2014 Sep 10

Rained all night.

Took a benadryl allergy pill to help me stop sneezing, it also knocked me out. Slept thru the music, slept thru the storms, but not The Cat! He is more persistent than the massage lady's...I guess every creature needs a little attention from time to time.
An account rep for Charles Schwab called and left a message on my Google Voice number, so I called him back on Skype. He said my online application will probably be rejected since I opened it outside the US, and if it does then I will have to mail in a paper application.

Withdrew 10,000 baht from ATM this morning, $6 ATM fee, and $4 International fee.

Booked same hotel for fifth night, 400 baht. I do hate these cold showers though.

Skyped with Kevin in Texas; took him on a skype tour of the island.

Washed some cloths in the sink and hung-out to dry before the rain came back.
Dinner at Cosmic. Been trying to get a seat in here every night, but it's always packed. Cocktail prawns ($2.50), panang chicken curry ($4), brownie with ice cream ($3), and two Singha beers ($4). Best meal yet.