Sep 9, 2014

Phi Phi - 2014 Sep 9

Threw my old pair of flip-flops away (lasted five years), bought a new pair ($6.50) that are all rubber, and a new Singha beer tank-top ($8). I need to improve my negotiating skills, probably could have bought both cheaper.

Booked hotel room for fourth night, longest I've stayed in one location. Still have more exploring to do here.

Rainstorms at 3 AM, 10:30 to 2:00 PM, then briefly at 5, more at 6. Caught up on rest, hope it helps me get over this slight cold, sore throat and alot of sneezing.

Opened a Charles Schwab Checking account. They reimburse ATM fees worldwide, and in Thailand all ATM's charge a $6 withdrawal fee.
And this cat, one of the million on the island, stops by my room every night, stares thru my window, and meows loudly until I scratch its head.