Sep 17, 2014

Samui - 2014 Sep 17

Woke up with a horrible headache; last night's visit to Henry Africa's Bar and ARK Bar did me in.
Luckily at 2 AM, my dog was waiting for me at 7-11 to lead the way home.
I'm done with Chang Beer...Suzie, from London,  said that beer production isn't regulated, and the alcohol content per bottle could range from 0% to 50%. Then Ragan said it's made with rice - just cold saki - and I had a "Changover."

Took four Advil and finally crawled out of bed at eleven. To the Mango Club again for lunch. Then across the street for a happy hour, 1/2 hour foot massage for 100 baht ($3.25).

To the beach at two and the crowd is back. I sent Rover on a recon mission...he said the front checks out.
Rainstorms at 7 PM.