Sep 25, 2014

Samui Immigration Office - 2014 Sep 25

My 30 day Thailand Visa exemption expires on Saturday, September 27, 2014, so I needed to go to the local Koh Samui Immigration office today for a 30 day extention (1,900 baht / $61).

Up at eight, to 7-11 for OJ and banana bread, then an hour ride to the Nathon pier, and a ten minute scooter taxi ride to the immigration office, 1.3 miles from the pier.
I gave her my passport, money, one passport photo, and the provided application form. She gave me a ticket number and said to come back in one hour. Went to 7-11 for a snack and skype called my dad. Picked up my passport an hour later, and now I can stay in Thailand until October 27, 2014.

Back to the hotel by one for lunch, pool, nap, beach food, and happy-hour mojito's ($6).

Later in the night we ate dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant, La Taverna ($26). I was surprised they let me in wearing my new Singha tank-top.
For tomorrow, Olga's last day in Thailand, we bought tickets ($52) for an all day excursion to Angthong National Marine Park.