Oct 18, 2014

Bangkok - 2014 Oct 18

Up at eleven with a bit of a headache, took two Advil. Outside by mid-day, I headed southeast on Sukhumvit Road to find something to eat. Settled on a crowded little outdoor restaurant, located right on the side of the busy street. Ate my usual and a banana-pineapple-orange smoothy ($3.66).

Kept walking southeast, stopped by the Sheraton Grande, used their fitness center for a pretty good workout.

A little further down on Sukhumvit, I turned right onto Ratchadaphisek Road and visited Benjakiti Park.
On my way back to the hotel I watched three guys work within the tangled mess of power lines.
Last night was the most crowded I've seen the nightlife in Bangkok. I took several video's, but was disappointed in the video quality when reviewing them this morning. I think two GoGo videos is enough anyway.