Oct 23, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Oct 23

Pattaya was hopping last night, very crowded. I visited several bars, and did alot of people watching.
Saw a few good shows by the street performers, caught this magic show on video.

Found a really good deal on hotels.com, and booked the Privi Suites for a night ($24). Moved to it this morning, it's the nicest I've stayed in so far, and internet works. Used my reward-points and booked tomorrow night for free.

Paid for three visits at Tony's Gym on Walking Street ($5), and put in a good workout. 

Inquired at a language school next to hotel and the owner wants me to come teach Saturday for a few hours. I hesitantly said yes, but I don't think I can legally work in Thailand, so will probably pass.