Oct 30, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Oct 30

I finally found it! I was out last night on Soi LK Metro, and on my way home, I "stumbled" upon the long sought after $3/hr foot massage.
Always some action on Walking Street.
Checked-out of Nags Head this morning at eleven, and moved back to Sureena Hotel on Soi 13/2. It's a bit noisy, but has a balcony somewhat overlooking the ocean.

Ate chicken and rice ($1) from my usual street vendor; a little push-cart restaurant that sets-up shop everyday across from the language school.

Dr. Narong saw me eating, came over, and has convinced me to work with a cute university student Saturday morning.

Walked on the beach for an hour; drank and ate a coconut.
Downloaded a few apps to help me learn Thai. My strategy is to learn the numbers, alphabet, and 1,000 most common words. Then simply quit speaking English. I've already started using Thai words for numbers when paying or asking the prices.

Helped Olga with a couple of her English to Russian business translations at 3 PM.

Massage at five.