Oct 7, 2014

Samui - 2014 Oct 7

Stayed in last night to recover from the last week of partying. Up at ten for breakfast, booked three more nights at P&P, that will get me through the full moon party events and until my flight Friday morning.

Windy day, feels good. Several girls tanning topless.Did a sink full of laundry.

My body must have been craving protein after yesterday's work-out, because I ate six sticks of chicken from the beach lady. Around the third piece we were caught in a strong storm and had to run for cover - most rain I've seen yet. As usual it only lasted about 30 minutes.He is a smart old dog.
Crossed the street to 7-11 for dessert, they finally have more banana bread in stock, been out for a week.

Massage at four, then back to the room for a nap.