Oct 1, 2014

Sept Expenses - Samui - 2014 Oct 1

$402 (Food)
$640 (Lodging)
$261 (Transportation)
$639 (All Other)
$1,942 (Total Expenses)

Awake at eight, out of bed by nine, banana and pancake for breakfast.

Nap, then Pad Thai with chicken for lunch at noon. Nice cloud cover so I took a long walk to the far south end of the beach where the nighttime fishermen anchor their boats.
On my way back I checked out a really nice resort, Centara Grand.
No cute girls here, so I moved on.

Back to P&P by three, Mr. Chaweng and I ate a variety of meats from the beach meat lady, and a doughnut from the beach doughnut lady.
Ok, have to finish this post buzzed (jk I'm drunk), Dubai guys buying shots and champaign again. At Ark Bar by 5, too much drinking, but did find the key to Isreali girls, you have to be Jewish, which is fine cuz my last name is Wolowitz.

Mazal Tov!!!