Oct 14, 2014

Vientiane - 2014 Oct 14

Up at nine this morning, walked down the street to the busy Joma Bakery for an American style breakfast ($4).

I had the whole day to kill, so decided to wander around the city on the way to pickup my passport.

Stopped by the That Dam for a few pictures.
Unexpectedly walked past the heavily gated American Embassy. The guard wouldn't let me take a tour or any pictures, but did smilingly ask if I was American and needed anything.

Next, walked to the Talat Sao Shopping Mall. Looked for a pair of running shoes, my feet are sore from walking around in flip-flops all the time.

Visited the surrounding shopping area. First time I've been somewhere and been the only non-Asian, felt like I was really exploring.
Took a short-cut down a gravel road to cut over to the Thai Consular Office and was attacked by a pack of dirty poodles! I had to pick up a stick to fend them off.

Ate lunch at same place as yesterday ($2), then stood in the relatively short line for an hour to pickup my passport.

Walked thru the Patuxay Park on the way back and went to the top of the seven story Victory Gate of Vientiane.
Loas government building across the street.
Long hot walk back to the hotel, stopped once for ice-cream and another time for a banana-pineapple-coconut shake. Back to the room by three.

Kho Chai Deu Restaurant and Bar was dead last night, hopefully it will be better tonight. I'm really looking forward to being back to Bangkok tomorrow, just not enough nightlife in Laos for me.