Oct 8, 2014

Wasted Away Again on Samui - 2014 Oct 8

Yesterday evening, strolled the busy streets looking for something new to eat, settled on a spicy chicken noodle plate. On way back, stopped in for another massage.

Later, played two games of pool with the Thai bar girls at Henry Africa's (won 1, lost 1), drank a couple of Singha beers, and practiced speaking Thai.
Up at 10 AM and to the beach for a long walk. Nice and windy again today. Ate toast for breakfast and then plopped down under an umbrella for a couple of hours, examining the variety of feminine physiques.

Snorkeled the reefs for an hour, found 20 baht.

Lunch on beach: two sticks of chicken, roasted ear of corn, coconut slices, and baby bananas.When the rain came at three, I went to the beach massage lady's for a foot scrub ($10). After two months of walking around barefoot and in flip-flops,  the soles of my feet were looking pretty discusting...now they are as smooth as eggs.

Full moon party tonight! Sundowner Mojito's to kick things off.