Nov 12, 2014

Bali - 2014 Nov 12

Found the bar area last night around 10 PM, had a few Bintang beers. Chatted with an Australian couple, they liked my accent.

Received an email from a yacht broker about a sailboat I recently made an offer on, our price difference is only about $9,000.
Spent most the day at the beach. Nice waves for surfing. Alot of people taking lessons.
Walked around town to get a feel for the place at lunch; ate chicken curry at Koko Bar.
Talked to a tour vendor about excursions, they are relatively expensive, $120, not sure I want to see more temples that bad.
Back to the hotel at 5 PM. Researching where I want to go next, probably either Perth or Sydney Australia.

I have been missing my usual meals from back home alot lately: Ixtapa Mexican, Chen Express II, Taco Bell, Popeyes. Seems like that's all I think about sometimes.

Dinner at Rendezvous Sports Bar at 7 PM, supreme pizza and chocolate milkshake.