Nov 9, 2014

Bangkok - 2014 Nov 9

Up at 8:30 AM, showered, packed, checked out, printed flight itinerary, grabbed a taxi ($16) for the 45 minute ride to Bangkok's northern airport, Don Muang International.
Halfway to the airport I received a courtesy email from Thai Lion Air that my flight departure time had been delayed 6 hours to 6:40 PM! At check-in they made up for it with a McDonald's combo-meal voucher.

Exchanged 4,500 Thai Baht for 436 Malaysian Ringgit (about $130, $15 conversion loss).
Through security and immigration easily. The immigration official clarified a question I had regarding my Thai tourist visa.
8 hours to kill - picked a good spot to lay down by the window and electrical outlets.

Watched football highlights. Enjoyed reading the Facebook comments from Bama and Aub fans.

Reviewed the USA Visa Map, to see where I can go without a long Visa process. US is ranked #1 regarding Travel Freedom.

Re-read my notes & highlights from Vagabonding, a motivational travel book I read prior to my own adventure.

Researched things-to-do in Malaysia. Booked a room at Hotel Al-Jaf's, in downtown Kuala Lumpur ($23). I might make it there by 10 PM.