Nov 16, 2014

Bye Bye Bali - 2014 Nov 16

Didn't sleep well last night, kept waking up to check football scores. And very sore from yesterdays surfing. Napped and laid by pool most of the day.
A friend in the States wanted one of those wooden penis souvenirs for his girlfriend, so I bought one and shipped it to him. Takes two to four weeks to get something from here to US.
Booked a flight with Air Asia to Singapore for tomorrow at 6 AM ($68). Hopefully I won't miss this one.
Singapore is very expensive, so went ahead and booked a flight with Vet Jet to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for Wednesday 19th ($62).
Had to apply online for a Vietnam Visa ($17), takes two business days and then they email me the confirmation number to show immigration at airport.
Back to the beach for my last Bali sunset. Watched a wedding procession, singing and dancing while slowly marching down the beach (top picture).
As I was leaving the beach, a young couple ask me to chat with them for a bit so they could practice English. I told them about the places I've visited and people I've met so far, and all the places I still want to see. They told me about Bali's history and gave me some good pointers on surfing.