Nov 1, 2014

Oct Expenses - Pattaya - 2014 Nov 1

$310 (Food)
$703 (Lodging)
$153 (Transportation)
$803 (All Other)
$1,970 (Total Expenses)

Big crowd on Walking Street last night. Mostly the people working at bars dressed up; and tourists taking pictures of them. I watched from 8 to 10 PM, then went back to Soi LK Metro for a few Singha's until bedtime.

Made it to the Language School, next door to my hotel, at 10 AM. Worked until noon with two girls who started college this semester at Burapha University, just south of Bangkok.

Started to run to gym at 1 PM, but more pouring rain, so practiced Thai - I use the App.

Ran to gym at four in a drizzling rain. Paid for three more visits ($5).