Nov 2, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Nov 2

Awake at nine, with the Thai Alphabet Song stuck in my head. I've memorized the sounds of the Thai letters, now I stop at every sign written in Thai, and try to pronounce the word. Then look up the meaning on the Google Translate app - I must really look like a tourist, staring at random signs for so long. But once I know it, I have a reminder every time I walk past that sign.

Here is my street sign. The top Thai word (พ้ทยา) is Pattaya, and the bottom (ไปรษฌีย์) is Post Office (the main post office is on this road).

The most common words I see are Drug (ยา) and Pharmacy (ขายยา); pronounced as "Yā" and "Khāy Yā".

To the beach at ten for a morning walk and coconut. Lunch at noon from my usual two ladies.

Finished off the afternoon with a two hour foot rub and a strawberry shake.

Rainy view from my balcony at 4 you see any familiar Thai words?