Nov 5, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Nov 5

Late late night snack included a visit to the chicken guy for a big chicken breast on a stick ($1.50); walked a little further to the corn guy for a hot cup of corn (33 cents); even further to the juice guy for fresh lemonade (33 cents); and finally to the Turkish ice-cream guy ($2, he puts on a show).
Made it outside for lunch this morning by eleven. Went by the Language School to help Narong with his website for a couple of hours. It's in WordPress, which I haven't used before, so took a while to figure out what was where.

Took a taxi-truck to the Pattaya Bus Station to check on departure times for Saturday ($1).
Walked 2.5 miles back to hotel. Took the front beach road since I hadn't seen this part yet. Stopped in at two language schools to get information for someone who might be coming here to teach English in May.
Back to hotel at 4 PM for shower. Did a sink-full of laundry. Helped Araya, owner of Leo Hotel, setup a website for her hotel. Still need to take several good pictures for her to upload.

This sign is everywhere too:
Withdrawal - Transfer - Add - Pay