Nov 22, 2014

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - 2014 Nov 22

Another fun night out; ate dinner with Dustin at a real Vietnamese restaurant, Quan 71. Then we prowled around to a few of his regular spots. I called it a night at 2 AM.
Ate a frog leg for the first time. It tasted fine, but too much of a psychological barrier for me to eat more than one.

Up this morning at 10 AM, and ready to get back on the move. Walked across the street and bought a bus ticket to Phnom Penh, Cambodia ($10).
Ate lunch, showered,  packed and on the bus at 1:15 PM.

1:30 Bus departed.
3:00 Ten minute stop for restroom break.
4:00 Exit stamp at Vietnam border.
4:30 Visa on Arrival Stamp for Cambodia.
6:30 Another stop for restrooms.
7:00 Crossed river on a ferry boat.
8:30 Off bus, grabbed a tuk tuk.
8:45 Arrived on the main tourist road.
10:00 Booked a room at Indochina Hotel ($25), has a balcony overlooking the river.
10:30 Perfect timing to eat, have a drink, and see the nightlife.

Withdrew money at ATM and US Dollars came out, guess they use US $ here.