Dec 2, 2014

Pattaya - 2014 Dec 2

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Araya, owner of Leo Hotel, thought I'd had enought and knocked on my door at 2:30 PM to make sure I was alive, I think.

Ate Pizza Hut's supreme pizza for lunch ($8).

Put on my swim shorts and found 110,000 Indonesian Rupiah. Went to ten different currency exchanges before I could find someone to convert to Thai Baht (about $8).

Went to my favorite massage shop in SE Asia, Eden Massage, got a two-hour oil massage. I stubbed and scrapped my toe pretty bad a few days ago, so have to wait for it to heal before my usual foot rub.

I need to help Pin, Eden Massage owner, setup a website too.

Been thinking about my route back to US after Patrick leaves on December 13th. I'm still leaning towards an eastward journey:
Pattaya or Bangkok
Manila, Philippines
Darwin, Australia
Cairns, Australia (swim Great Barrier Reef, and with Great White Sharks)
Sydney, Australia
Aukland, New Zealand
Los Angeles

Still a loooong way to go...