May 31, 2015

Barcelona, Spain - 2015 May 31

What a difference a two-hour plane ride can make.

Up at 8 AM with a slight hangover. Walked a mile in the misting cold, past no-less than 15 Ferrari's on my way to the train station. Made me contimplate my life decisions for a second.

But then I landed in Barcelona! When I arrived in London, it was into the middle of a protest; when I arrived in Barcelona, it was into the middle of a concert.

Someone told me about the AirBNB app, where people rent out a room or whole apartment for very cheap. Good timing because I've hit my limit with the hostels. I booked a "flat by the sea" for tomorrow night ($30).

Awesome weather here, perfect temperature. The ocean is crystal clear too, I wasn't expecting that.