May 21, 2015

Belfast, Northern Ireland - 2015 May 21

Back out on the town in Dublin last night around 9 PM, drank several pints of Guiness at The Temple Bar listening to old Irish music. Talked to a group of women from Belfast...said it's a must see. Then another couple showed me their pictures from The Giant's Causeway, which is not far from Belfast.
Finished up last night dancing till 2 AM at Quay's Bar.

This morning I woke at 10 AM and wanted to book my hotel again but they were fully booked, so I walked a few blocks to the bus station and grabbed the 12 PM bus to Belfast - cost me my last €16 euros.

Two and a half hours of Irish countryside later we pulled into the Belfast bus station. Northern Ireland uses the Pound Sterling, so I exchanged my last $191 US dollars for £109 Pounds.

Found a place to stay for the night called Vagabond Hostel (£16) at 3 PM.

Walked around the city site seeing until 9 PM (still daylight), then finished the evening at Lavery's, a traditional Irish pub, talking to a local guy. I could only understand about 10% of what ol Norman was saying, but he was funny.