May 20, 2015

Dublin, Ireland - 2015 May 20

Up at 8 AM to get ready and double check my packing.

My mom dropped me off at Huntsville airport at 11 AM.

Quick one-hour flight to Charlotte; boarded plane and flew out at 5 PM CST.

Six hour flight across the North Atlantic and landed in Dublin at 6:30 AM UK time.

Medium line thru immigration but it moved quickly. Add another stamp to the old passport.

Converted $100 for €89 euros.

Bought a €6 one-way bus ticket to the city center, about a 25 minute ride.

Walked around the city for five hours, checked on the prices of a few hostels, and scoped out the pub scene for tonight after my nap. Sunny but a bit cold and windy.

Stopped in at McDonald's to charge my phone and use their wifi; let everyone know I made it. Ate a €7 meal around noon.

Checked into a hostel right in the middle of the mix for €13 per night at 2 PM and straight to sleep.

Really looking forward to a few pints tonight!