May 27, 2015

London, England - 2015 May 27

Jumped on the train out of Mellor at 11 AM.

As usual, always sad to leave people behind when it could be several years or longer before you see them again.

Arrived back at the Manchestor train station at 11:30, walked to the National Express bus station, and bought a one-way ticket to London ($44).

Five hour trip to London's Victoria Coach Station, slept most of the way.

As usual, always excited to be arriving at a new destination.

I visited here for one day back in 2007, but there is way to much to see and do here for just one day!

Did a short three hour walk around before running out of daylight and needing to check into my room. This hostel is a little too far out of the mix for my taste, so I went ahead and booked a different hotel for tomorrow night.

Much warmer here than other cities on my trip so far, mid 60's, I definitely like that.