May 25, 2015

Manchester, England - 2015 Mar 25

Hitched a ride with my friend from Liverpool to Manchester around noon. Stopped and filled up the car with petrol, as they call it, and it's not cheap here.

Practiced driving on the left side of the road, in a right-sided car, with a left-handed gear shift, without an international drivers license...piece of cake.

Checked into YHA Hostel downtown, nicest one yet ($20). Took a quick nap, then walked around to see the sites of Manchester.

Visited the Museum of Science and Industry. I could spend every day in a museum.

Also drank a pint of ale in the smallest bar in Europe. I ask if he had a half-pint, and he said "yea, for women."

Someone sent me a link to my theme song, LOL, Littlest Hobo, love it!