May 26, 2015

Mellor, England - 2015 Mar 26

Woke up and checked out of hotel by 11 AM. Ate lunch at a popular Manchester café called Tea Pot.

Explored the rest of the Science and Industry Museum. Five total buildings.

Walked to the Manchester Piccadilly (train station) to catch the 5:50 PM train to Marple (£4.20). Arrived in Marple at 6:11 PM, and walked 1.5 miles to Patrick's house in Mellor. Nice scenic walk.

Patrick arrived from work shortly after and we went for Indian curry and then met his buddy Kes for a few more pints and couple shots of whiskey.

Then back to the house to wash a load of clothes. Talked to Pat's preggers wife Ella and their two kids (Mimi and Lottie) before bedtime.

I visited them here for a week in 2007.. remembered more than I thought I would.