Jun 30, 2015

Pattaya, Thailand - 2015 Jun 29 & 30

Boarded China Airlines flight CI0066 from Amsterdam on 29th at 2:15 PM and arrived in Bangkok at 6:45 AM on 30th.

Jun 29, 2015

Amsterdam - 2015 Jun 28

Last night in Amsterdam. Patrick flew over from England for one more big ol time.

We started around noon, several beers, a big meal, a few laps thru the red light district, and suddenly realized we were nearly 40, old and tired, so asleep by midnight.

Had a damn good four days in Amsterdam tho.

Ready for a vacation, going to call this the end of Europe Part I (41 days, 17 cities, 8 countries, $4000).

Maybe do Europe Part II after a few months of good Thai massages. Still have Prague, Poland, Munich, Paris, Brussels, Ibiza, and a few others on the list.

I'm catching a plane to Bangkok tomorrow afternoon. Direct flight, 11.5 hours ($518).

Jun 28, 2015

Amsterdam - 2015 Jun 27

Crazy crazy night, alot of funny stuff going on around here.

Totally freaky...not knowing what's real & what's not... Comic book fire trucks, miscellaneous construction crews doing weird thing, midget riding toppless on a mini scooter, crazy old Asian tourist asking for directions on an ineligible map, people speaking sign launguage...

Who knew, a whole city setup for the entertainment of the wasted ... or is it the other way around?

That will certainty be an experience I'll never forget.

Jun 27, 2015

Amsterdam - 2015 Jun 26

Ate some interesting dessert cakes around 1 PM. A few hours later I felt a bit drowsy, but then enjoyed the evening before falling sound asleep. I remember the pleasant sound of bicycle chimes coming and going.

Jun 25, 2015

Amsterdam - 2015 Jun 25

Flew into Amsterdam airport just before midnight. The train was still running, so I caught that to the central rail station. Then a short walk thru the red-light district to my room for the night.

Did a bit of sightseeing today. Didn't realize this was such a big maritime community. Also alot of bicycle traffic; you have to "look" both ways because you don't hear them coming.

Had a couple of beers early. Need to get back out there but I'm so dang tired.

Jun 24, 2015

Istanbul - 2015 Jun 24

I was able to meet Tuba for a quick meal. She took me to Tatbak, a popular Istanbul diner; we ate a Turkish dish called Lahmacun. Anthony Boudain visited this restaurant on one of his travel shows.

Then caught the one hour bus ride back to airport ... next stop - Amsterdam!

Jun 23, 2015

Istanbul - 2015 Jun 23

My legs and feet are sore from all the walking. Couldn't decide where to head next, so may just take tomorrow off and do nothing.