Jun 1, 2015

Barcelona - 2015 Jun 1

I sure wish I had known about Barcelona 20 years ago - crazy non-stop action!  Went out last night and there were hugh lines to several clubs. Stayed out till about 1 AM, which is when things really get going. So many beautiful women. I've never seen anything like it, heck, never even heard of anything like it.

Hit the beach today, and they are topless. Only problem is that you see the good, the bad, and the granny.

Moved to my new room just down the road, here. Love it, asked if I could book for a week, but it's already booked, I about cried. She said she has a room to rent in her mom's house right next door, so I may do that a night and see how I like it.

Took a nap today at 2 PM, and was awoken by a massive party parade. It hasn't stopped yet, not sure it will for seveal days, some sort of holiday.