Jun 22, 2015

Istanbul, Turkey - 2015 Jun 22

Up till midnight last night deciding where to go next, so many option, but I was in the mood for adventure. I finally booked a flight ($152) and hostel ($14) for Istanbul, Turkey, here. Also, had to do an online eVisa for entry into Turkey ($20).

Very long day - up at 7 AM; find a place to print my evisa; mile walk to bus station; one hour bus ride to airport (€5); wait in long checkin line; wait in long line for passport exit stamp; wait in long security line ... 2.5 hour flight to Istanbul's SAW airport; wait in long line for passport entry stamp; convert €50 to 145 Turkish Lira; find bus to city center; 1.5 hour bus ride to Taksim Square (14 TL); another mile walk to my hostel; checked in at 8 PM; out till 11 for dinner and sightseeing.

The smell of shisha smoke reminds me of Thailand; seems like there is a hookah cafe on every corner.

Listened to the call to prayer blasting across the city on my walk back to hostel.

Glad to be back in a land of street food and cheap prices.