Jun 10, 2015

Valencia, Spain - 2015 Jun 10

Special thanks to my hosts for the last two nights, Anna, and her parents, Lyn and Malc. It was nice having home cooked meals and great travel conversation - between the three of them I think they've been everywhere.

Spent most today at the pool, but Anna had to fly back to England and I decided to catch a train to Valencia.

Malc and Lyn drove me 45 minutes from Torrevieja to the Murcia train station, arriving at 4:30 PM. I booked the 5:30 PM train to Valencia (€28), and arrived at Valencia EstaciĆ³ del Nord at 9 PM.

Walked about a half mile to a hostel I had starred on Google maps and checked in here around 10 PM.

Staying in tonight to rest and research this city. Looks very interesting so far.