Mar 7, 2017

Hong Kong - 2017 Mar 7

Monday evening - 2.5 hour AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong ($115).

30 minute bus ride from HKG to Tsim Sha Sui ($4.25).

Then walked a bit to my clean little hotel room I've booked for 3 nights ($90).

Tuesday - Up early to apply for a Chinese visa. Cost? ... a unexpected $283! US citizens only have one option, the 10 year visa, I wish Thailand had that option.

Then sightseeing the rest of the day, including a lift on the 120-year-old Peak Tram.

Also, purchased a 30-day, 2- GB data plan that works in HK and China ($28) - I hate being off the grid.

Walking to the Temple Street Night Market tonight and hopefully find some good street food.